Vision & Mission Statement



MISSION Statement

With the help of God's love, the Federation of St Elphege's and Regina Coeli Catholic schools will seek to develop the whole child. Each child is uniquely created and precious to God and it is the Federation's mission, guided by the Holy Spirit, to nurture each child's spiritual, moral and academic growth.
Inspired by the teachings of Christ we will…

  • Develop our children's faith, spirituality and joy in the love of God
  • Educate our children to the highest standards thus realising their own potential  
  • Instil in our children the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed and take pride in their achievements recognising we each have special gifts and talents
  • Encourage everyone to be more than they thought possible, in a secure and loving environment
  • Promote a caring community where we will all behave well. We will be dignified in our actions, demonstrating good manners, tolerance, kindness and generosity to ourselves and others
  • Prepare our children today to become tomorrow's responsible and independent individuals equipped to face life's challenges
  • Ensure our Federation is a happy, safe and welcoming place where we all enjoy learning, work hard, support one another and do our best
  • Create an active partnership of love, joy and high expectations between children, parents, carers, staff, governors, parishes and the wider community


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