St. Dominic

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Mrs. Abbasi, Mrs. Papparozzi/Mrs.Fernandes


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With a definite chill in the air, Year 6s are well on their way to the completion of a successful first term! The onset of greyer skies and frost brings the wonderful anticipation of the festive season. Not wanting to be left out, we have started our practise for our Christmas playlets. Children have delighted the teachers with their wonderful talents and enthusiasm.

In RE children are learning about Vocation and Ordination. This unit looks at the sacrament of ordination. Students learn about what is involved in the vocation of the priesthood and the process of becoming ordained .Lessons have been reflective and pupils have explored the spiritual dimension of how they have been called by God.

In Maths pupils are completing Fractions which include: adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators; multiplying and dividing fractions with whole numbers and mixed numbers and simplify fractions and calculate the lowest common denominator.

English has been incredibly engaging and enjoyable. Children have been showcasing their wonderful writing and at the same time assimilating their knowledge of the Year 6 English Curriculum. With a cross curricular approach, English writing is meeting History learning objectives as well and we are well underway to successfully complete our unit on World War II.

In Guided Reading we have started our new book, Rose Blanche. Related to our history topic, this story is though-provoking and evocative. The book is unique in the sense that the illustrations are just as vital to the plot as the story text. Pupils have thoroughly enjoyed analysing the detailed, colourful pictures for literary clues and concepts. Children are learning that a picture can tell a thousand words!

We also look forward to welcoming parents to our Parent’s Evening (s) in December and discussing your children’s progress and addressing any concerns that you may have.